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We specialize in getting doctors and business owners their money more quickly as well as helping them create new avenues of income. Please feel free to look through our web site to see the various systems we offer.If you have any questions or would like to get started on these services, please contact us.

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Need Of  Billing Service?

Tired of late nights handwriting or typing invoices? Had enough of tracking receivables and staying on top of slow-paying accounts? Interested in improving your cash flow and image? Maybe someone convinced you that computerizing your business would cut costs.  The idea of saving money by using a computer to help run your business sounds good, but it may not quite work that way.  The time and manpower it takes to generate, stuff, address, and mail invoices for a business with hundreds of customers is significant.

Professional Billing Doesn't Cost, it Pays!
Reduce non-productive time.  You are a trained professional in your field.  Spend your time doing what makes you money, not typing invoices or struggling with your computer.

Improved Professional Image
If you are hand writing or typing your invoices, what does that say to your customers about your operation? Our crisp, clear bills make you look like the professional you are!

Reduced Overhead Costs
  You may be managing to get your billing done.  But what is the cost of lagging cash flow? How much does poor image cost? How much gets "written off"? And how much do you lose each month just because the correct amount isn't billed?

  Consistent Repeat Marketing
Our on-time billing service can market other goods and services your business offers.  We can help produce a promotional flyer you can enclose right along with your bill each month.

  Better Control Over Slow Payments
Our reports will let you know immediately who is slow in paying, how much they owe and how long they have owed.  In addition, we can follow up with collection letters at your request.