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We specialize in getting doctors and business owners their money more quickly as well as helping them create new avenues of income. Please feel free to look through our web site to see the various systems we offer.If you have any questions or would like to get started on these services, please contact us.

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  Non-paying or slow-pay customers can really hurt the bottomline of your business, making it harder for you to provide your goods and services.  Like it or not, customers who do not pay will always be a part of your business, and you have to find a solution that will collect he money you are owed.   

Our Profit Recovery service is that solution. It works automatically for youto collect these past due accounts.  The great news is that our system collects three times more and costs five times less that the average collection agency, and we do not alienate your customers because of the unique way we approach them.

  This program works by automatically sending out a series of increasingly demanding letters to customers who owe you money.  These letters come from your business, on your letterhead, not from an outside agency, so the customer knows to send payment directly to you and not to a "middleman".  That means you get immediate payment on the debt and you reduce the risk of losing customers who are upset by collection agencies.

Our system can customize the letter to the needs of your business.  Most start off with a polite explanation that a debt is owed and informs the debtor that a late fee has been added.  The letters then gradually move toward consequences for non-payment such as the impact of credit bureau reporting or litigation.  Finally a "thankyou" letter can be mailed when the debt has been paid.

  Best of all, we can track the progress of each account and supply you with a monthly report showing the individual status of every debt.  Now you never have to wait and wonder where your money is.  If your customer still has not paid after the series of letters, we can manage our retained attorney at your request.  Our attorney will personally call the debtor to collect and can file litigation on your behalfif the debt is more than $100.