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We specialize in getting doctors and business owners their money more quickly as well as helping them create new avenues of income. Please feel free to look through our web site to see the various systems we offer.If you have any questions or would like to get started on these services, please contact us.

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Universal Billling Patinet Payment Plan

  Now you can immediately increase revenues with a new service that allows you to deduct monthly payments quickly, automatically and directly from your patients' checking accounts!

Getting patients to pay for the services that doctors provide has always been a challenge.  Even with insurance coverage, patients still pay atleast 20% of the bill, which could easily run into hundreds of dollars.....or even thousands.  Plus, 31% of Americans don't carry any health insurance....and have no option but to pay for medical treatment out of their pocket.  

With our innovative PPP, you can allow your patients to make affordable monthly payments...and then collect those payments using automatic bank deductions from the patient's checking accounts.  You're probably already familiar with this kind of technology ...health clubs, utility companies, and insurance companies have been using automatic bank deductions ...or what's called pre-authorized checking for years now.  Now the same technology is available to you as a doctor.  

Here's how it works:  We use a proprietery software package that allows us to actually print checks FOR your patients on the same day of the month every month and deliver them to your office for immediate deposit.  Please contact us with any questions you may have.